October 20, 2020 Rodney Cowled

Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller Review

Previously, I reviewed the Holman Garden Spotlight Starter kit & I really liked it. It was easy to set up, nicely designed & it worked flawlessly.


There was one feature missing.

One feature which was a deal breaker.

At least, for anyone who wanted to integrate their smart home or use voice control. (& let’s be honest who doesn’t? *wink*)

The Missing Feature.

In my previous review, I called it the “Next Feature I’d Add” & it looks like Holman took my advice, and made it their next feature. (kidding, kidding).

Well, I’m not kidding about Holman adding the feature, just about having any influence over the fact that it happened.

Smart Home Connectivity – Alexa, Google & Siri.

Yep, Holman went ahead an added support the whole trifecta of smart home speakers. The Holman controller now has wi-fi functionality; that paired with a smart speaker skill give you a whole lot more options.

Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller Review

How does that change things?

What does this mean? It means that in addition to controlling your lights via the Holman Home app, you’re all able to:

  • Control the Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden lights with your smart speaker.
    • This means, voice Control – “Alexa, turn on the garden lights” or “Okay Google, set the garden lights to Red”.
  • Include your Garden lights in wider smart home routines.
    • E.g. Turn on your Holman garden lights, turn on the outdoor TV & lower the blinds all at once.

What about the rest of the Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller review?

Well, the rest remains essentially the same. For full details check out the previous Holman smart garden lighting review.

Here’s the summary:

Setup & Configuration – Easy or Not?

Simple as can be.

Physical setup is done using a foolproof connector system that looks like this.

Holman Connector System

Each connection type is a unique shape, that means, they only fit if you’ve got it correct. If it doesn’t fit – you’re doing it wrong.

Digitally, almost equally as foolproof. Inside the cover of the Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller, Holman has provided clear and concise instructions. Follow them and you should be set.

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Required Components for Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Lighting

The system has 3 main components, they are:

  1. The Controller: Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller – More info on the Holman website here.
  2. The Lights: There are a few differnet options avaliable based on your specific needs – With this controller, they are all RGB (Coloured lights). Holman RGB lighting options here.
  3. The Cables & Connectors: The cables which join it all together. Which ones you need will depend on where you place each light. Cable Options Here

Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller Review

The last review my answer was “yes, but…”, this time around there’s no “but”.

The Holman RGB Colour Wi-Fi Garden Light Controller & Holman RGB Lights are a buy recommendation from me.

The reason is simple, the price is reasonable, the setup with easy & the product works exactly as it should.

I say “Alexa, turn on the Holman garden lights”, the lights turn on.

I say “Alexa, set the Holman garden lights to red”, they turn red.

NB: This product was provided free of cost, for an honest & unbiased review.

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