What is smart home technology?

Smart home technology also know as Smart Home, Home Automation, or the Internet of Things.

A smart home is a grouping of connected products for your house. These products include appliances and sensors, like lights, fans, thermostats, and motion sensors.

The smarts allow them to be remotely monitored or controlled. Smart homes shine because they automatically respond to your needs.

How did connected tech come about?

The first of its kind is believed to have been invented in 1999 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Media for home automation had been developed at MIT, and that concept led to the development of a lighting control system in an apartment.

This brought about many future devices. Such as sensors that would detect when no one was home and turn off lights, motion-sensing lights that would illuminate areas as you walked into them; thermostats that could be controlled when on holiday; and more.

These devices have been developed further each year, mostly through the hard work of a few dedicated people in information technology who have been working for years to give us what we have today.

Smart Home Technology in Australia

In Australia, there is now a wide range of commercially available smart home products. This range is growing every single day.

Smart home technology allows for control over individual devices and your entire home environment from any internet-enabled device. Connected technology is the big thing at the moment & Smart Homes are here to stay and we will be seeing more of them throughout Australia in the coming years.

How to get Started?

Getting started with Smart Home technology doesn’t need to be complicated, and it doesn’t need any professionals or tradies.

If you’re considering Smart Home Technology, but you want to try it out first, all you need is an internet-enabled device and these simple step by step instructions.

Planning a smart home before your set out can make the process much smoother. You will know exactly what you will need in order to achieve your automation goals.

After you’ve decided on your goals, (voice control, lighting, heating etc.) you then need to decide on whether you want to DIY or bring in professionals to design & build your connected home.

Enjoy all the benefits of a Connected Home

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