May 7, 2020 Rodney Cowled

6 Keys to Great Smart Home Security

Want to increase the security of your home?

However, you’re not keen paying the subscription & install fees of a home security company?

Well there’s another option.

You no longer have to commit to a contract with a home security company. As smart home technology gets cheaper & smarter in Australia, they can be used to improve your home security.

Welcome the world of Smart Home Security.

Any (or all) of these smart home security products can be added to your home to improve your home’s security. In no particular order, let’s jump in.

1. Smart Security Cameras

Good smart home security should include some form of smart security system. This could be a full smart security system with a suite of cameras covering the perimeter of your home or smart doorbell camera.

Smart Home Security Camera Options:

Smart Security Camera Kits

Reolink Security Camera Kit – Source: Reolink

Full kits which include several cameras & a central video recorder. These kits are often the best value for money. They come with many options:

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Wireless & wired
  • Solar Powered, battery or mains power
  • And many other options.

Single Smart Security Cameras

Ring Stick Up Smart Home Security Camera
Ring Stick Up Security Camera. Source – Ring

If you don’t require a solution this extensive or elaborate, there are many stand-alone options available. This option also allows you to buy what you need now & add more as your needs change or money allows.

2. Smart Motions Sensors

Eve Motion Smart Home Security sensor
Eve Motion Sensor – Source: Eve

Motion sensors have long been a smart home security staple of high-end residential instalments. Now they’re an affordable part of Australia’s smart home market.

Smart motion sensors are a great option for inside your home, or in places where video feels a bit well…uncomfortable. They improve security without the concerns of having a camera inside your home.

3. Smart Door & Window Sensors

Eve Door & Window Sensor – Source: Eve

In addition to improving your smart home security, smart door & window sensors are also a great to answer the age-old question “Did I leave the window open?”

Smart Home Tip: Smart door sensors are also a very useful part of a smart home setup & can be used to trigger smart home routines. Say, have your lights turn on when you open the front door. Or get an alert on you phone when your door is opened late a night.

4. Smart Home Lighting

Light Bulbs Smart

How does smart lighting fit into a smart home security setup? Well, there are two ways.

  1. Motion Triggered lighting: Bright motion-triggered lighting is a great way to deter anyone who shouldn’t be there. Literally shinning a light on the problem.
  2. Fake being home: Setting up a routine to turn your interior lights on/off when you’re not home, making it look like you’re home.

5. Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a great addition to your smart home. Some of the benefits include

  • Getting notified when your door is locked or unlocked.
  • Ability to grant and revoke access to your door locks.
  • Not needing to carry keys.
  • Multiple methods of unlocking your door.

If like us you have a lot of visitors, the convenience of a smart door lock is priceless. Setting temporary pins is much easier and safer than giving out an extra key.

With a smart home door lock, you can achieve all of this with the click of a button.

6. Smart Home Doorbells

A smart doorbell was one of the first devices we added to our smart home. The original reason was to deal slew of packages arriving at our house & being sent back to the post office. My wife has an online shopping addiction hobby. We could answer the door and request a package was placed somewhere safe.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro – Source: Ring

A benefit of our specific doorbell (the Ring Doorbell), is that it operates as an intercom when paired with our Alexa devices.

Additionally, from a security perspective, we’re alerted when someone approaches our door without pressing the doorbell. Which could be a package dropped off OR someone up to no good.

Smart Security Systems

In addition to each of these individual items, there is a whole range of smart home security kits. These kits offer a selection of the above items packaged together.

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