June 16, 2016 Rodney Cowled

What Does Your Life Look Like Right Now?

Step 2: Assess The Current State of Affairs 

To work out what we need to change, we first need to know where we are now.

We need to know our benchmark and our starting point; so that we can accurately track our progress. By now, you know exactly what your ideal future looks like. If not, read this first: [What Does YOUR success look like?].

Where Do We Start?

Where I started, and where I think we should start, is by going over each of the high-level categories. Review each goal and then write down where you are currently with each of them.

 Here’s what I mean:

  • If one of your goals is to earn $100K per year, write down what you currently earn.
  • If you want to weigh 70kgs, write down how much you weigh now, or how much you’ve got to lose.
  • If you want to have a loving marriage, write down what marriage looks like at the moment.

Make sense?

Some areas may be a little more subjective than these others, and that’s okay. Other areas, might require more detailed testing to know your current situation. i.e. as blood tests, body fat test, etc. Just write that down (e.g. get a blood test) and add it to your to-do list.

How My Life Looks At The Moment

I’ve gained weight, and the dull North American winters have resulted in me achieving a vitamin D deficiency. Here’s an example of how I’d capture this state & a benchmark.

Example 1:

Goal: Body – X% Body Fat

Optimal health – 10% body fat while maintaining or growing my current muscle mass. Additionally, to me, that means, to the absence of illness or injury & full of energy.

The Benchmark:

I went for a full medical check-up with my doctor. The results:

      • My cholesterol = bit high
      • My Vitamin D = Low
      • Body Fat = Too High

Example 2:

Goal: Boat

This goal is to own a boat which we can use to explore beautiful Sydney Harbour. It will be docked in the bay at the end of out street. Given that this bay has a multiple-year-long waiting list – I’m currently brainstorming ideas to on how to expedite this. Your ideas are welcome, ha!


I do not currently own a boat, or have a plan to how to secure a mooring in our bay.

How To Assess Your Current Situation

Step 1. Organise 30 mins of Quiet Time

You want to make sure you’ve got enough time to think and dream. I suggest you organise at least 30mins of uninterrupted quiet time alone, more if possible. (yep, just like last time)

Step 2. Collect Writing Materials & Templates

Get a notebook or some paper, a pen, and return to your list of goals that we started last time.

Step 3. Analyse & Write

Take 5 mins per category to assess your current state and write down where you are currently at with this particular goal. Some things you’ll know straight away, like your weight or income.

Others may require you to ask a friend or get a medical test done to capture your starting point. If this is the case, fill the field with the action item (E.g. Get blood glucose test.). Once you’ve completed the action item, then add the results to the field.

Step 4. Action Items – Tests and Things

Now it’s time to complete any of the action items you added to your plan. If you need to ask your wife, how you’re doing as a husband, organise a time to chat. If you need medical tests, book an appointment with your doctor. If you need to figure out what your current Beep Test limits are, then get running.

[For those who don’t know The Beep Test is a form of torture used by sports scientists and coaches to estimate an individual’s VO2 MAX.]

The Next Step:

Identify the Gaps: What is between you & your goals?