March 16, 2020 Rodney Cowled

Your Smart Tech is Getting Smarter

In 2019, Amazon launched self-learning.

Self-learning lets the system automatically make corrections based on context clues. This results in personalised, automatic customisations for every household.

Rohit Prasad, Vice President and Head Scientist – Alexa Artificial Intelligence, provides an example: “Say you ask your Echo to “play XM Chill”, and the request fails because Alexa doesn’t catalogue the station that way.

Learning from Failures

If you follow up by saying “play Sirius channel 53,” and continuing listening, Alexa will learn that XM Chill and Sirius channel 53 are the same, all on its own. “That’s a big deal for AI systems,” says Prasad. “This is where it’s learning from implicit feedback.”

Machine Learning: What’s capable?

This is one of the many practical examples of machine learning & artificial intelligence.

Before these technologies, it wasn’t possible or practical to customise your software for each and every one of your customers. Today, this is a viable option.

Machine Learning is has already been implemented by many companies including Netflix, Google & more.

Challenges & Creepiness

For more on the challenges & (potential) creepiness of AI & Machine in smart homes check out: Is Your Smart Home Really Dumb?