The Art of Prioritisation: Important or Urgent – Which will it be?

A few years ago, after becoming an entrepreneur, I became overwhelmed with the choices available to me. prioritisation? What prioritisation? I no longer had a boss, I could do anything I wanted!  Read more

Finding your Purpose

Finding Purpose: A Purposeless Goal, will lead to Failure.

A goal/dream that’s not backed by purpose, will soon fade into the obscurity. The art of prioritisation is great, but it alone will only get you so far. 

Remember that “I’ll get fit” goal you set on the 1st of January? Didn’t go so well right? It’s okay, there’s no shame here – I’ve personally set the same goal 10 times and it went really well for about 2 months… Read more


How I Lost My Leg, Then Become a World-class Athlete, Twice.


Not many people can say that they’ve achieved not one, but two, of their biggest life goals all before their 25th birthday; Scott Reardon can. 

Only a decade earlier Scott was involved in a traumatic farming accident; one which resulted in him losing the lower half of his right leg. Add this to the fact that Scott is now one of Australia’s top Paralympic Athletes, who holds multiple records and medals, (not just in athletics but also, of all things, water skiing) and you’ve got all the ingredients for an incredibly inspiring story.

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