Project 120.

What is Project 120?

Life. At 120%.

An existential crisis became a project to live differently.

I discovered I had a desire to help others achieve their goals, to achieve their greatness. Followed by the realisation that I was a) ill-equipped, and b) not achieving my own goals.

Enter lightbulb moment. I was exactly the kind of person I wanted to help. I wasn’t at the end of my race, but at the start. To help others change, I would have to first change myself. 

But, desire was to help others, so this had to be much bigger than me.

Project 120 is

Personal Greatness. Personal Success. Done Together.

A group of individuals committed to living to their full potential. Valuable and practical advice. Above all a supportive community.

What do you do now?

It doesn’t cost a cent. To join just say “Hey Rod, I’m in!” That’s all you have to do for me – the rest is for you, the future you.