June 10, 2016 Rodney Cowled

The High Level Plan – Project 120

The Plan for Project 120

I’ve put together a high-level business plan and an execution strategy for Project 120. I figure it’s never failed me before, why would it now?

I think the best place for us to start, is by getting to know our current and desired states. where we are now and where we want to end up. Essentially, we’re going to figure out the state of the union, before we go changing anything. Cool? 

Here’s the plan as it currently stands:

  1.  The Desired Future: Where do we want to be? What do we want to have?
  2.  The Current State of Affairs: Where are we now?
  3.  Identify the Gaps: What are the high-level gaps between me and my desired future.
  4.  The Execution Plan: The specifics, what specific actions are going to get us there? Where and when?

In each phase, I am going to go over the processes, tools and the specific details of my plan. The specifics of your plan will vary; However, the process and tools will be the same.

Alright, Let’s Do This! Together?

From the very beginning, this wasn’t just been about me. My hope is that we can keep each other accountable, cheer each other on and ultimately celebrate success together.

What Can You Do Now?

It’s almost time to get started on your own plan. It’s time to start thinking about what exactly you want in life and what success means to you, start to dream, start to wonder. In the next post, we’ll go through the specific process we’ll use. I’ll also include a nifty template to help you get your personal answer.

Next Steps:

What Does Success Look Like To You? Your Desired Future