Project 120.

Now Imagine That we became great together.


 An existential crisis became a project to change lives.

Starting with mine,  and continuing with yours.

I discovered my deepest desire was to help others achieve greatness. Followed by the realisation that I was a) ill-equipped, and b) not achieving greatness myself.

Enter lightbulb moment. I was exactly the kind of person I wanted to help. I wasn’t at the end of my race, but at the start. To help others change, I would have to first change myself. 

But, my deepest desire was to help others, so this had to be much bigger than me, and it was. It became a project, our project.

What is Project 120?

Life. At 120%.

Project 120 is

Personal Greatness. Personal Success. Done Together.

A group of individuals committed to living to their full potential. Valuable and practical advice. Above all a supportive community.

What do you do now? You join.

It doesn’t cost a cent. To join just say “Hey Rod, I’m in!” That’s all you have to do for me – the rest is for you, the future you. 


P.s. You don’t have to tell me you’ve joined if you’d prefer not to. If you do, I’ll be able to cheer you on, celebrate with you and to answer your questions.

My Promise To You.

    • I promise to support you & I promise to cheer you on.  If you reach out to me, I promise to respond.

    • I promise to create a helpful and supportive community of Project 120’er. To create a place where we can learn, share ideas and support each other.

    • I promise to constantly and regularly provide helpful and informative information and advice

    • I promise to work with experienced experts across disciplines, to provide us with the best information. (Yep, I don’t know everything)

  • I promise to share the details of my personal wins and losses, even when I’d rather not.

Where to Start?

“I decided I wanted greatness and I promised to support everyone who wanted the same.”