Project 120 Experts

Mike Vacanti Project 120

Mike Vacanti

Personal Trainer & Founder of On The Regimen

When I can’t raise my arms the morning after a workout, I’ll blame Mike. When I’ve got a 6 pack, I’ll blame Mike.

For the last 12 years, Mike’s been studying nutrition and training for fat loss and muscle gain. He’s trained hundreds of clients in the gym and thousands on the internet.

And now, he trains me. I am excited and slightly afraid.

Mike will be guiding us to physical greatness. If we’ve got any questions about fitness, strength or training, he’ll be the one I turn to.

Heidi Meyer Project 120

Heidi Meyer

Clinical Nutritionist

Heidi’s a clinical nutritionist, a triathlete, a cyclist and doesn’t even own a microwave. She’s the one who here to tell me what to eat and mostly what not to eat.

She’s passionate about everything in life! But if you boil it down, she’s most passionate about playing a role in sparking the inner passion in others to value their mind, body and spirit. To value themselves enough to make the changes needed to live their best life. Every day.

Heidi will be guiding us to health and nutirtion greatness.


Melissa Pomering Project 120



Melissa Pommering,

PhD. Biology

Mel’s been a mentor and good influence in my life since we met in high school. She wasn’t a classmate, she was my teacher. Biology, obviously. She’s a biology genius, knows a ridiculous amount about amphibians, and has an incredible ability to explain the most complex of concepts in the simplest of ways. 

My thirst for knowledge and an understanding that I could dissect any skill came from my exposure to Mel,(and frogs, she taught me to dissect frogs too).

As much as Mel’s biology knowledge will be invaluable, she will also be my scientific guide. She’ll be helping me to keep our project somewhat scientific.

Ranita Cowled Project 120

Ranita Cowled

Branding Guru

Branding is as important for you, personally, as it is for a business. The success of your career depends on it.

Ranita has 14(ish) years of brand marketing experience from the hallowed halls of Unilever and Campbell Soup (but would like to take this time to remind you that all opinions are hers, not those of her former & current employer).

As someone who has navigated the corporate world from entry level to senior ranks, Ranita has a lot to share with us on building our personal brand in an uncompromising way (she’s never owned a suit and she’ll tell us why).

She has made ads, launched products, wrangled celebrities, been a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model and trained dogs to dance (true story). This equates to some epic successes, major failures and a lot of stories to tell along the way.

If you’d like to contribute to Project 120 as an expert, please drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you.