June 16, 2016 Rodney Cowled

What Does Your Life Look Like Right Now? – Project 120

Project 120 – Phase 2:  Your Current State of Affairs 

To work out what we need to change, we first need to know where we are now. We need to know our benchmark and our starting point; so that we can accurately track our progress. By now, you know exactly what your ideal future looks like. If not, read this first: [What Does YOUR success look like?].

If you’ve got absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, and you’ve never heard of Project 120, I’d suggest you go here: [The Post That Started It All]

The main goal of this post: Get a good understanding of our starting points on the path to success.

Where Do We Start?

Where I started, and where I think we should start is by going over each of the high-level categories. Review each goal and then write down where you are currently with each of them.

 Here’s what I mean:

  • If one of your goals is to earn $100K per year, write down what you currently earn.
  • If you want to weigh 70kgs, write down how much you weigh now, or how much you’ve got to lose.
  • If you want to have a loving marriage, write down what marriage looks like at the moment.

Make sense?

Some areas may be a little more subjective than these others, and that’s okay. Other areas, might require more detailed testing to know your current situation. i.e. as blood tests, body fat test, etc. Just write that down (e.g. get a blood test) and add it to your to-do list.

To get you in the zone; below is what my life currently looks like. The good, the bad, and a whole lot of details I’d definitely rather stayed private.

How My Life Looks At The Moment

I’ve gained 22kgs (~50lbs), my blood pressure is high, cholesterol too, and the dull North American winters have resulted in me achieving a vitamin D deficiency. My marriage it good, actually it get’s better every year (I’ll take 51% of the credit for that…just kidding. It’s more likely around 10%).

Last year, my mental state hit a low – I believe, I may even have even been mildly depressed for a period. Perhaps this was vitamin D related? Regardless, I’m committed to never letting my mind get into a similar state ever again. But, let’s not give away all of the good parts too soon. The nitty, gritty details are below.

If you’re not interested in the details of my goals, that’s cool. Don’t read them, skip down to the Relevant Section and do yours. 

Personal Development Goals

Goal: Body – 10% Body Fat

Optimal health – 10% body fat while maintaining or growing my current muscle mass. Additionally, to me, that means, to the absence of illness or injury & full of energy.

The Benchmark:

I went for a full medical check-up with my doctor. The results:

  • My blood pressure = high
  • My cholesterol = high
  • My Vitamin D = Low
  • Body Fat = Way Too High

 Goal: Mind – Change My Reactions

Firstly, I’ve set myself a goal to change my reactions. I want the ability to instantly break patterns of frustration and anger. To reprogram my mind to have more positive reactions to difficult situations.

The Benchmark:

This one is far more subjective, and I’m going to go by feel on this one. I’ve also enlisted my wife’s help – she’ll let me know if I’ve improved in this area.

 Goal: Family:

Be a great husband & a great father to my future children. 

The Benchmark:

I think I’m already a pretty great husband, my wife agrees. So I’m going pretty well here – there’s always room for improvement. In terms of being a great father, well I’ll need kids for that.

Career/Business/Economic Goals

Goal: Alternative Income: 

Generate income from an alternative source or sources (i.e. not my regular day job) which outstrip that of my regular day job. Specific benchmarks:

  • $150,000 Per annum 
  • $500,000 Per annum 
  • $1,000,000 Per annum


I’m starting from scratch here – $0 currently coming from alternative sources.

Toys/Adventure Goals

Goal: A Beautiful Family Home

Pretty self-explanatory I think. Own a home that is suitable for our family in an area that we love.


We’re already on the way to this one. We’ve purchased an amazing home in Sydney, Australia. The next step, to renovate it into an incredible home which has the room for our future family.

Goal: Overseas Adventures

After living abroad for the last 2.5 years, we’ve become addicted to it. Our specific goal is to travel and live abroad for a period of time each year: one part holiday and one part living life in another country. Picture a slightly extended vacation where we get to experience more than just the usual tourist spots in any given destination. 


We’re currently living in the USA so at the moment, we’re pretty sorted when it comes to this goal. However, when we return to Aus, later this year, we will need to begin planning our next adventure abroad.

Goal: A Family Retreat

Own a family retreat, a special piece of rural property on the water where we can escape to as a family. Here we’ll water ski to our hearts content, relax, read and most of all spend quality time with friends and family. (you can take the boy out of the country, but not the country out of the boy)


Starting from scratch here. No rural property owned, no plans on how to get it, just a goal.

Goal: Boat

This goal is to own a boat which we can use to explore beautiful Sydney Harbour. It will be docked in the bay at the end of out street. Given that this bay has a multiple-year-long waiting list – I’m currently brainstorming ideas to on how to expedite this. Your ideas are welcome, ha!


I do not currently own a boat, or have a plan to how to secure a mooring in our bay.

My Contribution Goal – The One Goal That Matters to You

Goal: Change a Million Lives (Including Yours)

This is my most deeply desired goal. This “goal” is much more that the I-want-a-boat style goals above. This goal surpasses me, and my selfish desires, to include you. To include anyone who’s not living at their full potential, but want’s to. 


This goal is the foundation this post; in fact, it’s the only reason anything has been typed at all. The foundation has been laid and Project 120 is the result.

If you haven’t already, I hope that you join us. It doesn’t cost a cent. To join just say “Hey Rod, I’m in!” That’s all you have to do for me – the rest is for you, the future you. [Okay, I’m In]

Now, It’s Your Turn…

How To Assess Your Current Situation

Step 1. Organise 30 mins of Quiet Time

You want to make sure you’ve got enough time to think and dream. I suggest you organise at least 30mins of uninterrupted quiet time alone, more if possible. (yep, just like last time)

Step 2. Collect Writing Materials & Templates

Get a notebook or some paper, a pen, and return to the Goal Spreadsheet that we started last time. Project 120 templates can be found here: [Project 120 Resources].

Step 3. Analyse & Write

Take 5 mins per category to assess your current state and write down where you are currently at with this particular goal. Some things you’ll know straight away, like your weight or income.

Others may require you to ask a friend or get a medical test done to capture your starting point. If this is the case, fill the field with the action item (E.g. Get blood glucose test.). Once you’ve completed the action item, then add the results to the field.

Step 4. Action Items – Tests and Things

Now it’s time to complete any of the action items you added to your plan. If you need to ask your wife, how you’re doing as a husband, organise a time to chat. If you need medical tests, book an appointment with your doctor. If you need to figure out what your current Beep Test limits are, then get running.

[For those who don’t know The Beep Test is a form of torture used by sports scientists and coaches to estimate an individual’s VO2 MAX.]


Coming Up in Project 120

P.s. Have you mapped out your Your Current State of Affairs yet? Go and do it. Go, do it right now! 😉