November 6, 2015 Rodney Cowled

Cadbury Nails the Advent Calendar, Bond Makes a Resume, & The 3-second audition.

Why? Cause well, Christmas and James Bond, that’s why…

Cadbury Nails the Advent Calendar

It’s only 50 days away and the stores are already full. Here’s a burst of early Christmas cheer and an example of interesting experiential marketing that most brands could learn from.  Cadbury reinvents the virtual “advent” calendar and brings Christmas joy to the UK.


3 Seconds is All You’ve Got…Marketing In Seconds!

The thumb is in charge and 3 seconds is all you’ve got. How to capture the fleeting attention of a mobile-savvy audience. Marketing in 3 seconds – Is it hard? 

How To Win The 3 Second Audition

The Name’s Bond & I need a job…

And finally, because we’re fans of fast cars and sharp tailoring, here’s what James Bond’s resume would look like if he ever got around to updating his LinkedIn profile. Oh, and it’s a cool marketing tactic by a resume building company. 

The Name’s Bond, James Bond – “I might need a job”

Our top Friday finds from around the web – Do you have any to add?