November 20, 2015 Rodney Cowled

Facebook Engagement Like Nike, Oreo, & Tough Mudder

We all want our Facebook pages to be a hive of activity, buzzing with constant excitement that ultimately makes the money roll on in. Here’s how the experts increase Facebook Engagement to build powerful communities.

Create Relevant Content

  • Answer a question that your audience already has, give them clear actionable steps to a solution.
  • Provoke an emotion – funny, motivational, comforting. You choose what’s relevant to your audience and go after it.

Keep an Eye on Quality

  • It doesn’t have to look like a glossy magazine but it shouldn’t look crappy either.
  • Firstly, always use beautiful images. Take them yourself if you’ve got the skills, outsource it if you haven’t, or find some quality stock photos. Ones that don’t look like stock photos. For a list of free Stock Photos that Don’t Suck Click here.
  • Average quality work might still engage your existing audience, but if you’re looking to attract new customers, you’re going to have to look the part.

You want to be the “Oh look! Shiny…” that people engage with not the thing they leave behind.

Write Compelling Headlines

Test *all the things*

Try testing different options: formats, styles, colors, headlines, and post times.

  • Try different options and combinations to test the response of your audience. Something as simple as the time you post your updates can make a huge difference.
  • The analytics on your Facebook page can help to assess the results: How to use Facebook Insights Here
  • Dark posts are a way to target very specific groups with multiple different version of your posts/content, without flooding your feed with duplicate statues. There’s already a bunch of explanations on how to do this so I won’t reinvent the wheel:  All About Dark Posts Here.

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