June 24, 2016 Rodney Cowled

Experts, a Little Research & The Path to Success – Project 120

Project 120 – Phase 4:  Experts and or Research.

To help us succeed. I’ve begun assembling a team of experts. A team who have varied disciplines and all love what they do.

Some will be coaching me, and I’ll sharing the details to hopefully inspire and inform you. Some will be providing guidance as we approach new topics to which they are experts. Others will be there to answers questions when we need them. All are committed to being great in their areas of expertise.

Why a Team of Experts?

Firstly, because I’m not an expert in all (if any) of the topics we’ll be tackling to achieve greatness – and I’m making the assumption that you’re not an expert in all areas either. No offence. They will be here to provide the guidance, knowledge and the know-how that is needed to ensure that our passion and drive is pointed in the right direction.

TL;DR: We’ve got the passion, they’ve got the knowledge. Cool?

Who Are The Experts?

They are a group of individuals who’ve got experience and expertise in one area or another. They can be found here – Project 120 Experts

Our team of experts will be always changing; growing and shrinking, as we need them. If you’ve got a particular area of expertise that you think would be useful to the community and you’d like to share it, then let me know.

Should You Have Your Own Team?

Absolutely, if you know the right people and/or can afford to pay for them. Expert guidance and experienced mentors are the quickest way to gain access years and decades of knowledge.

But what If I Can’t afford a Team?

Not a problem. This is why I mentioned research in the title (and why I’m going to be working with experts to gather as much relevant information as possible for us).

Also, If you’ve got access to the internet, then you’ve got access to more knowledge than you need. To do this you’d take each of your focus areas and research it to find the best approach.

How Will Project 120 Help?

My hope is that through Project 120, and with the help of my experts, I will be able to distill a lot of the information and knowledge you need. I will also endeavour to present this information, in the most simple, actionable, and straightforward way I can.

The purpose is so that we may achieve greatness and success, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A Human Guinea Pig and Where to Start.

To start, we’ll focus on the most common areas first (e.g. Health, Business, Family) and as we grow, I’m sure our focuses will too. All along the way, I’ll be testing things on myself. For example, a few weeks back, I tested the Ketogenic Diet, and it didn’t go well at all

All along the way, I’ll be testing new things. For example, a few weeks back, I tested the Ketogenic Diet, and it didn’t go well at all, but that’s a story for another day.

What Can You Do Now?

Now that we’ve identified the gaps and found our focus areas it’s time to do some research to learn more and/or to enlist some expert help. Start by researching your focus areas to see what other people who are successful in the area are doing.

If for example, you want 6-pack abs? Then ask someone who’s got them, how they did it.  Want a loving and happy marriage? Then talk to someone who has one. Want to get better grades? Then ask your teachers how to improve.

Then take notes, lots of notes.  Bullet point everything down. These bullet points are what we’ll use to create our Greatness action plans. 

If you’re got any questions, hit me up.  I’m here to help.

Much love,


Coming Up in Project 120

Next, it’s time to start our detailed action plan for success.

What are we doing for our health goals? How are we going to achieve our financial goals? and more. 


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